Recipe for a Perfect Day

Bottle nose dolphins are regular visitors, the Poor Knights Islands are on the migratory path for a number of marine mammals.
Volcanic in origin, the Poor Knights have numerous arches that our boat will travel through, leaving you awestruck, and glad you bought a camera!

    Breathtaking Scenery, with sea arches, sea caves, sea stacks and sheltered harbours.
    Marine Mammals. The Perfect Day cruise is often accompanied by dolphins and, in season there may be whales, seals and even orca!
    Sea Birds. Gannet colonies, breeding grounds of rare seabirds including ternlets, and Buller’s shearwater.
    Unique Flora; only home of the colourful Poor Knights Lily.
    History. Hear the tumultuous and tragic Maori history that makes this place so spiritual.
    Comfort aboard Perfect Day, a purpose built multi-deck cruise boat with all facilities, hot showers and on-board fish camera.
    Shelter in secret hidden harbours
    Eat great food. Fresh tropical platters to suit all tastes, free teas, coffees and snacks.
    Kayaks. We provide kayaks you can paddle around caves and arches and among myriad fish.
    Swim. You can swim off our specially designed platform in the middle of a Marine Reserve, masks and snorkels provided.
    Relax. If you feel less active there are multiple decks on which to relax, eat, sunbathe, or you can sit inside in air-conditioned comfort whilst watching marine interaction videos.
    Make Friends. You will be pampered by our crew who are committed to looking after you and sharing with you their knowledge and passion for this amazing destination.

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