Prepare for your Perfect Day

The Poor Knights Islands are spectacular; there is as much to see and do above the water as there is down below.

Take command of a kayak, or don mask and snorkel, and find a whole other way to discover the Islands.

Our very special day-trip, Perfect Day offers the ultimate non-diving Poor Knights experience, with sight-seeing, kayaking, cave explorations, snorkeling, swimming, snippets of fascinating history and Island facts and great food. We are often accompanied by marine mammals, including whales, dolphins and orca. The boat is incredibly well fitted-out, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, upstairs viewing, plenty of facilities and the fabulous ‘fish cam’ live video streaming underwater shots right into the boat.

Air conditioned comfort and ample shade from the sun, or you can relax and get a tan! The indoor outdoor flow allows for maximum viewing, with two leveled decks to get that better perspective and a great photo!

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    Dive! Tutukaka

    Dive! Tutukaka ›

    Dive! Tutukaka owns and operates Perfect Day, and was founded in 1999 by two diving friends with a love for the sea.
    It is the longest standing family-run dive company around; with a number of boats, professional crew, and every day all year round trips to the Poor Knights Islands.

    What to bring

    What to bring ›

    Things you will need to bring with you, and things that we will provide!

    How to get here

    How to get here ›

    On the Twin Coast Discovery Highway, Tutukaka is a coastal village, halfway between Auckland and Paihia, on the North East Coast.
    Our base is inside the Poor Knights Dive Centre and is at the hub of Tutukaka, right alongside iconic Schnappa Rock Restaurant and Bar.