Weather checks

The Poor Knights Islands tend to have their own micro climate.
Our friendly crew will make you feel special.

The chain of 24 islets that make up the Poor Knights are 23 kilometres off shore. Sometimes the trip can be bumpy, but the Islands always provide a sheltered site.

The Islands are a wonderland, and we will do our very best to ensure that we deliver a Perfect Day for you!

We will not travel if conditions are uncomfortable, and we feel your day would be compromised.

We run trips to the Poor Knights Islands 364 days of the year unless weather conditions prevent us from going. We have a strong eye on the coast up here, and often the pattern is different out at the Islands.

Our experienced crew make the call on the morning of the dive day, generally around 9am.

Keep in touch with our base 0800 288 882 the day prior to your Perfect Day.

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